Google It and Avoid a Scam!

If you are currently a job seeker or expect to be in career transition in the near future you are aware that it can become an extremely stressful time. Concerns increase over time regarding the emotional and financial stability of a household and fear of the unknown can result in a feeling of desperation and vulnerability. Despite the discouragement that may be present at times throughout the job search process, it is imperative that you proceed with the utmost of due diligence prior to obtaining the services of any company, especially those requesting a substantial fee.

Unfortunately there are too many organizations that prey on the vulnerability of others using a scam that enables them to sell inferior products or services. The diet industry is likely the best example, generating billions of dollars selling products that just don’t work. Desperation and vulnerability lead many to accept offers including diet pills that are not regulated or approved. As in most industries, the career industry is also not free of scams with organizations sending out mass mailings that sound personal and guarantee you a job…… for a fee; a substantial fee! You will read the same canned spiel often from a variety of company names. The majority will ask you to set up an appointment to come back with your spouse. No amount of money will guarantee you a job as you will learn from the reputable and legitimate career services that are available. It is not difficult to find out who’s who, just Google It and  Avoid a Scam!

The Internet and especially the advent of social media provides the ability to share our voice and experiences with ease. Although many scams still exist, it is becoming more and more difficult for those running them to keep ahead of the online feedback even though they respond by changing their company name on a regular basis. Before you sign a contract and hand over a substantial amount of money, Google it! Simply enter the company name and beside it type scam. Many companies share the same name so be sure the results relate to the particular company you are searching by confirming the location or names involved. Check out sites such as Ripoff Report,, Consumer Scams in Canada, You will be amazed at how much information is available online! Further to Google searches for company names and scams, frauds, etc, most companies have a website and legitimate organizations are proud to include contact details and names. Linkedin is the top social media site for professionals and offers the opportunity to search for millions of individuals and companies to seek out further information. Testimonials are also available for review and are posted by the author, not the recipient.

The next time you are interested in doing business with anyone, Google the name prior to making a commitment. In the career industry it is safe to say that a reputable company will have a visible online profile.


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