How to Find the Right Keywords to BEAT the ATS

How To Find the RIGHT Business Functional Keywords to BEAT the ATS

Research Tools For Your Resume To Stand Out

Today’s topic is all about keywords, specifically business functional keywords. Where are they and how do we find them?

A resume or LinkedIn profile is hopeless without keywords.  It’s what people search when they are trying to find you. So you have to know your

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own business functional keywords specific to you, specific to your niche, and specific to your skill set and your industry. So I’m going to give you three tips.

First, go to my website and download the free eBook

Secondly, go to Google Keyword Planner. This is an amazing free tool that lets you search all the keywords that are pertinent around a particular topic.

Thirdly, play a game with yourself. Imagine your resume or your CV was hidden in your computer. What business functional specific buzzwords would you type in to have your resume come out. You need to have the ones that are pertinent to you. It narrows it down. So you need to have 20. If you are writing your resume or CV and 50 on LinkedIn.  Make sure you fill that out on your profile at 50 which is the maximum and the more you have the better it’s going to be for you if you are searched for by executive recruiters or other influences, looking for talent like yours.

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