Positive Signs for Job Seekers

November 2009 showed some positive signs for Job Seekers as both Canada and the United States experienced a slight decline in unemployment rates. Although Canada’s unemployment rate dipped by only 0.1 percent to 8.5 the really good news is the fact that we are seeing any decline at all! All of the experts in both countries predicted increases in unemployment rates for the month of November. Job losses in the United States were forecasted to reach 130,000! Final reports were only 11,000 job losses, while Canada reported 79,000 new jobs across the country.

It has certainly been a trying time, job seekers struggling in an extremely competitive job market, millions still trying to accept the loss of long term positions and declining investments that were hoped to be the key to surviving this  financial crisis. If you have managed to maintain your strength and confidence despite the economic turmoil, now is the time to seize any positive signs as additional fuel to continue on in your job search. Although all surveys report many weeks and even months required to successfully land a senior position, the positive sign is the substantial number of individuals we have seen land  jobs within the past 3 weeks.

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