Put Spring Into Your Job Search

Spring is in the air! It inspires us to take a deep and cleansing breath. Our enthusiasm becomes heightened with the anticipation of the change in scenery, moreso for those of us surrounded by the white stuff, flowers blooming, leaves unfolding and the sounds of many species of returning birds. There is a renewed sense of optimism, excitement and an unconscious urge to just smile for no reason. Now is the time to embrace this positive energy to put spring into your job search and refresh your outlook, reassess goals and renew incentives.

For many it’s been a long, cold season surrounding a longer than expected, demanding and challenging job search. Many months have put a strain on efforts to remain positive and ward off the ever impending sense of discouragement. Enduring 2, 3 or even more  job interviews for one position with a variety of senior level decision makers over a long period of time seems to be the norm. With little or no indication regarding the potential outcome, the apprehension associated with an uncertain future can be debilitating and sabotage any chances of success.

Put Spring into your job search to regain the necessary positive outlook to succeed in your career. A new season coupled with a fresh look at your job search resources and strategies could bring about the much needed inspiration to increase your level of confidence, resilience, persistence, enthusiasm and optimism; critical attributes to your career success. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Get outside for a walk. Let your senses appreciate all that is Spring! There’s a reason, “stop and smell the roses” is often heard. Stress will have a negative impact on a successful job search. If you can’t handle the job search how will you handle the job?
  • Invest in a new Spring suit. If you look good, you feel good. The first impression you generate is based on your looks and style of dress, like it or not!
  • Obtain a free resume critique to ensure you look as good on paper as you do in person.
  • Review online profiles on Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to ensure your content and photos are updated, consistent and professional.
  • Revisit your list of targeted companies to ensure it is a viable list and follow each company on all available social media sites.
  • Investigate networking meetings in your area and don’t miss any opportunity to network whether on a bus or in an elevator. Put Spring into your job search and your smile, confidence and positive energy will generate positive results and a lasting impression.

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