Severance...How Long to Wait to Start a Job Search

Severance and How Long to Wait to Start a Job Search

“I was lucky. I received a very generous severance. So I’m just going to start my job search just before my severance expires.”

I’m Martin Buckland and I am an Executive Career Management Practitioner and I help my clients across the world, reach their career goals.

The question today is regarding receiving a generous severance and when to start your job search…do you start your job search just before the severance expires?

Severance and How long to wait to start a job search

Sadly, I’ve had many people who’ve come to me as their severance expired and they were starting to panic. They were starting to freak out and their emotions were high.

You need to be calm in a job search.  You need to remove all that frustration. Because they’ve left it to the last moment, their emotions run high and they want me to pull all the stops out, get their resume ready, get their LinkedIn profile ready, and put them on the highway.

It doesn’t happen that way. A job search takes time. The day you are terminated, think about where you want to go? And as that termination gets deeper and deeper, really dig deeper into a job search and execute a job search plan. Be aggressive. A job search in itself is a full-time gig. I would say, as a job search expert, that you need to be in job search 12 hours a day, five days a week. So probably just as long, if not longer than you were working when you were employed and you need to be active on social media.  You are marketing and selling yourself. Salespeople will tell you that it takes a long time to sell products. Well it’s going to take a long time to sell you.

If you’ve got a long severance and you let it expire or close to expire, what have you learned? You need to get on the highway. You need to get your act together well before your severance expires.  Don’t let it expire because that is when your emotions run high and career influencers will see that you are desperate, and you don’t want any desperation in a job search. It can be frustrating, but there are people like me – coaches and resume writers who could help you.

I’m Martin Buckland. I am an Executive Career Management Practitioner. I will help you reach your career goals.

I am passionate about helping you reach your career goals. I have an offer for you, a free resume critique and LinkedIn audit. I will give you 30 minutes of my time, no obligation, no sales pitch, to go through your LinkedIn and your resume from top to bottom. However I will tell you, I am tough. I say it as it is, I’m realistic because you only get one kick at the can. You want to remove all those red flags and you want to go from A to B in the fastest possible way. I will tell you how to eliminate all those red flags and have a bank of green flags. That means you will sail through your job search and through your career transition. Are you interested? If so, email me your resume on LinkedIn, or send it to me by clicking on the button below. I’d be happy to help you. Cheers.

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