Still no job interview?

A job search can be an extremely discouraging experience for many people. Sending out a resume over and over again to recruiters, companies and online job boards and waiting beside a phone that never rings. Days go by, and still no job interview? 

Before you blame your resume, it is important to have a clear perspective and a good understanding of the job market. Did you know that online jobs account for less than 5% of all available jobs? Did you know that close to 80% of jobs are obtained as a result of networking? How many resumes are you submitting to online job postings versus those submitted from leads obtained by networking? Is it possible that your job search strategy is to blame and not your resume?

When applying for a job, is the experience noted on your resume closely matched to the job description that you are applying for?  Do you have the qualifications that the potential employer is seeking? Some companies are willing to accept experience in lieu of a degree but if you don’t have the experience or the education, do you think you should be called in for an interview? Are you still blaming your resume or is it really a lack of qualifications or education?

Your resume is a critical document in the job search process and is more often than not, the only chance you have to create a dynamic first impression. As an introduction to a job interview, you must present a professional and accomplishment based resume if you intend to catch the attention of a decision maker. Prior to reaching the decision maker, did you know that many organizations will utilize electronic scanning of resumes in search of specific keywords to assist in the process of elimination? If you have included the necessary keywords to avoid elimination, will your resume then please the eye? Did you know that as little as 20 to 30 seconds are allocated to review a resume? With this in mind, it is very likely that a resume exceeding 2 or 3 pages will be overlooked. If your resume does secure the attention of the reader, is it in the hands of the individual who is in a position to make a decision for a viable job?

A professional resume, a job search strategy, clearly obtainable goals, an understanding of the job market, effective networking; all will influence on your success. Be sure to evaluate all aspects of your job search before you decide why there is still no job interview.

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