Where Are The Jobs?

If you are in career transition you are discovering that landing your next job may not happen within a matter of days or weeks or months or even years! There are many factors that will determine your success and reduce the length of your job search including a daily commitment, as finding a job is a full time job! Additionally, a carefully and methodically planned job search strategy should be reviewed and implemented with one key question in mind, “Where are the jobs”?

Close to 90% of recruiters are utilizing social media in 2011 to source potential candidates. Since they have the jobs, you need to be there. Establishing and maintaining a professional online presence utilizing Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook is a key job search strategy. In addition to networking online it is also imperative to network in person with no less than 2-3 meetings per day and at least that many per week attending professional networking groups. The likelihood that networking will be key to finding your next job is greater than any other job search strategy and it could take months off the length of your job search!

The number of online jobs continue to rise but use your time sparingly searching online job boards as it is not where the jobs are. At least not the majority of jobs. Although many positions can be found, recruiters have a more vested interest in enticing employers and other organizations to utilize their services for a substantial fee than using it to find potential candidates. It has been suggested that the success rate in securing a position from online job boards is approximately 4% so invest your time wisely by ensuring your professional resume is posted on all job search sites and updating it daily since your chances of being found will be greater than that of finding a job.

Dramatic changes in the economy and the rise and fall of various industries have impacted career directions around the globe. Job seekers are encouraged as employers are recognizing the value of transferable skills as well as the confidence and initiative required to successfully pursue a new career path. Of course success will be related to choosing the industry that will take you to where the jobs are. It would not be considered a prudent decision at this time to transition from Finance to Manufacturing or from mobile to land line technology so stay current with changing trends and technologies, economic conditions and business news to increase job opportunities. Be sure your qualifications meet the requirements of the position you are applying for to avoid extending your job search any longer than necessary.

Where are the jobs? Hidden, which is why networking is the best job search strategy with the best results.

Where are the jobs? Recruiters and HR professionals are trying to fill them and 89% are utilizing social media to search for potential candidates. Will they find you?

Where are the jobs? The upswing of many industries and evolving technologies will indicate where the jobs are so stay current and use the knowledge to assist in paving the way toward a long and successful career.

Reevaluate your job search strategies and ensure your path is leading you to where the jobs are especially this summer when most of your competition have decided to drop out of the job search race.

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