Who Owns Your Career? You or Your Employer?

Who Owns Your Career? You or Your Employer?

It has become apparent to me, over many years, that people don’t take their career management seriously. It is pushed aside and not rated as it should be. How many hours of your time do you spend at work? Should it not be important to you to, a) be happy? b) work at a great culture and brand, and c) be well compensated for what you do?

Careers Have Changed

There was a time, two decades ago, when loyalty to an employer was highly valued. Today, that is no longer the case. In fact, loyalty can come back to bite you and inhibit your career advancement. The optimum appointment should last no more than five years. Then it is time to seek a new challenge, not internally, but externally. Variety is good for the human mind; it is also good for your employer. Bringing in new blood can invigorate the entity. Don’t be complacent when it comes to career management. Be proactive. Be responsive. Be seen. Be an expert.

Who Owns Your Career? You or Your Employer? Career Change

Time For A Transition?

I am being blunt, but realistic — I don’t beat around the bush as a career coach. An employer sees you as a tool after a five-year stint. Your salary and other trimmings will be held down compared to your peers who decide to take an active part in managing their career and moving on more frequently. I have seen clients of mine fall behind by tens of thousands of dollars in remuneration per year because they have stayed at one employer. If they were constructive in their career path, they could have earned far more. Approximately one quarter of your life will be spent at work. You must tend to the seeds of happiness by being content, being challenged, learning new skills, meeting new people and changing venues.

You Must Manage Your Career, Not Your Employer

So, don’t let your employer manage your career. Craft, monitor and execute a career plan that works for you in harmony with your risk tolerance, personal growth and happiness. Don’t be used by your employer. You are a dollar sign and the pink slip could come at any time. Take charge now and own your career.

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