Your Career Needs Social Media – Get Started

A job search, successful career path, credible reputation; all require a social media presence or you will disappear as a viable candidate. According to statistics, many reading this will already have established their social media profiles but for those still needing the support to get started follow these basic steps because your career needs social media.

  • A professional email address is the key requirement to establishing social media profiles. If you have an old hotmail address or your email does not contain your formal name, create a new one. is a good choice.
  • The number 1 professional networking site is Linkedin! There are over 100 million users and it is a major resource for recruiters and HR professionals seeking potential candidates and verifying credentials. It is the premium start to influence a successful career. If you do not have a web site, this will provide you with an excellent address to add to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You will be prompted with the necessary tips for 100% completion of your profile. Join Linkedin today!
  • Twitter is the number 2 social media site nearing 300 million users. It is quick and relatively easy to create the profile and requires a minimal amount of information. As with all social media sites, the basis for success is the time and effort required to network and establish valuable connections. This is an exceptional resource to interact with real time events and news, search for jobs and follow targeted companies. Follow your interests.
  • The social media giant with over 700 million users is Facebook! No matter what you’ve heard, you can’t argue with the numbers. A personal profile can be easily established and with it you have complete control over who you decide to invite or accept as a friend and various options to customize privacy settings. Once you have signed up for a personal profile you will have the ability to create your professional Page which can then be maintained completely separately from your personal profile and enhance your career. Sign up!

Just 4 more tips to help you get started:

  1. As with your email address, a professional and consistent rendition of your name should be used on all social media sites. Linkedin allows you to customize your address (URL) and is a good indication of what may be available on other sites.
  2. Invest in a professional photo. You will not generate a professional and credible online presence using the default image.
  3. A google profile is also free and allows you to create a highly visible online presence providing the opportunity to add all of your personalized links to the social media profiles that you have created.
  4. Use the help resource. All of the social media sites offer a “help” resource and if you are unable to find the answer to your question there simply google your question.

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