Recruiter Relationships Video - Leveraging and Creating Relationships with Executive Recruiters

Building Relationships with Executive Recruiters

Executive recruiters can bring huge value to your career management and career advancement. When you graduate with your executive MBA, build good recruiter relationships right away.

In the beginning, it can be daunting, frustrating and cumbersome but it will get you a long way if to develop a relationship with an executive recruiter.

  1. Get a referral from one of your cohorts in your executive MBA programs or from your place of employment. They can help introduce you to an executive recruiter. Referrals are very important. It’s like getting in through the back door.
  2. Maximize the use of social media to connect with executive recruiters. Use LinkedIn as well as Facebook and Twitter to market yourself as an expert. Try to get on their radar, because they are always looking for professionals. If you meet the criteria they need for their projects and their clients, the chances of a call for a particular appointment will come fast and frequent.

Build relationships and most importantly, retain those relationships. Don’t just have a relationship with an executive recruiter while you’re looking for your next job or career transition. They want to know you when you’re being successful. Use executive recruiters in your career advancement.





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