• Have you just been unexpectedly downsized and lack the experience to conduct a job search in the new era of digital recruitment?

  • Did you depart months ago and have yet to land a new job, or worse, very few interviews?

  • Have you been assigned to plan and execute an executive downsizing but need outside support for the terminated employee(s)?

Downsizing affects hundreds, if not thousands, of people across North America every week. You could be the manager tasked with the unfortunate job of terminating executives, or you could be the downsized executive. There is no shame in being let go. Companies struggle to do more with less, and sometimes that necessitates a slashing of resources at the executive level.

Outplacement for the Senior Executive – Downsizing with Dignity

Outplacement Services - Golden Compass Outplacement

Outplacement and corporate downsizing involves helping people through major changes. Every individual deserves the guidance and support of an experienced career professional to help them throughout the transition.

Elite Resumes provides a unique and unparalleled, hands-on, one-on-one senior executive outplacement service. Our combination of credentials, reputation, and connections across Ontario and beyond cannot be found by any other outplacement service in Canada. We take pride in ensuring the optimal transition experience for our senior executive clients as they advance through various levels of acceptance regarding their future career. Our differentiators are considerable and revolve around our empathy and deep concern to rapidly return the client to the workplace.

Here is what our clients appreciate about our Outplacement Services:

  • Termination and pre-planning with managers
  • On-site termination support –– guidance for both terminating manager(s) and employee(s)
  • Personal and individualized programs that encompass the client’s whole life perspective
  • Exemplary in-person, one-on-one interaction through all stages of outplacement transition –– not textbook or online driven
  • Hands-on approach to formulate and execute a customized plan of action to meet realistic career goals
  • Access to a diverse team of trained and certified experts who bring a wealth of knowledge in the field of executive career management
  • A unique approach to extracting the client’s personal vision and mission in order to create a personal brand
  • Opportunities for personal and professional development through the use of communication tools and assessments
  • Access to Certified Executive Career Management Professionals with international experience and perspective
  • Extensive network of decision-makers, recruiters and human resource professionals who can open doors to potential opportunities in a variety of professions
  • Referrals to organizations and associations dedicated to career development, networking and education
  • A safe and supportive environment in which to engage in mock interviews
  • Tools and tips for effective job offer negotiations and integration into a new environment
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