Personal Branding Lessons from Household Names

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As we take a walk through a shopping mall or plaza, we see brands. Brands sell, and so do their logos and the impression they invoke.

Look at Volvo. Their branding messages create a family-oriented impression, supported by a safe and well-made vehicle. Contrast that with Maserati, whose messaging delivers an impression of racing between locations and a necessity to be in a higher earning bracket.

What about Apple, who many years ago were floundering and on the edge of bankruptcy? Today, they are perhaps the most highly acclaimed and well known corporate brand. Their brand is one of innovation – being on the leading and competitive edge.

What about some well known personal brands? We all know Oprah. What is your impression of this woman who has captured the hearts of so many? You may think of words such as human, concerned, empathetic, genuine, warm and caring.

While Oprah has stayed the same for many years, Madonna, sets the trends, staying one step ahead and never looking back. Words that describe her personal brand include: chameleon, dynamic, trend setting, shocking, unexpected and talented.

A brand that many corporate leaders admire is Richard Branson. He is a highly successful billionaire who gives back to the community, is an innovator on the leading edge, and is highly sensitive of public perfection.

Have you crafted your own personal brand? What is your differentiator? What would compel me to pick up the phone and give you a call, if your resume were to land on my desk?

Just like these popular household names, you can let everyone know what is special about you by expressing your personal brand attributes in every message, in every meeting, and in every interaction.

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