What is Your Personal Brand

What is Your Personal Brand?

My name is Martin Buckland. I am an executive career management practitioner. I manage and advance the careers of senior executives, those who aspire to be business leaders, eMBA graduates and candidates, and mining professionals globally.

I am passionate about personal branding and corporate branding. It is very important in today’s world to be competitive and make yourself look number one. Whether you’re a corporate entity or a personal entity.

Today, I am at Paddington Station in London. What does the word Paddington say to you? Paddington Station or Paddington Bear. Everyone in the world knows Paddington Bear, born in Peru and now based here in London. There was even a statue unveiled a few years ago for this icon, Paddington Bear.

Are you an icon? What resonates with you? Have you uncovered your personal brand?

What is your personal brand? It is your unique promise of value. The value you can bring your future employer. It differentiates you from everyone else.

Another way to look at it is to consider if you went to a business meeting. What would your peers say about you when you left the meeting? Have you really given any thought about your differentiator, your personal brand?

Why should I employ you? What separates you from Mary, Mark or Paul?

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