Personal Brand | Martin Buckland Video

You Are a Personal Brand

Your Personal Brand. What does that mean to you?

I’m standing outside two of the leading global luxury brands, Tiffany and Cartier. You can’t get better than that! And you are actually your own personal brand. There’s something special that you have to uncover.

Recognize that you are a personal brand and nurture it. Ask yourself what is so special about you. In other words, if I was in a hiring position why would I hire you over Mary, Mark, or Paul?

I meet so many people who are acutely unaware of who they are and what they can bring their future employer. You need to articulate and memorize your personal brand.

What is a personal brand? It’s your unique promise of value. It’s the value add and the competitive edge you could bring your future employer. Consider why I should employ you over the three other people who are good candidates for the job. Think of yourself as a product, a brand. You need to articulate that brand both in your resume, on your LinkedIn profile, and during your networking events.

You are worth hiring, but you need to be far more competitive.




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