Video Interview – Conference Call Tips & Tricks



I am writing this during the COVID-19 global crisis. The world has changed. So too has career
management, job search, the interview process, and team meetings, all now conducted via video.
It’s a safe bet to say that today you won’t be invited to an in-person interview—you will be asked for a
video interview. You have no choice. Is that a scary thought? Yes, I can relate to your trepidation.
Appearing in front of one lens can be more daunting than speaking in-person to a large audience.
I suspect interviews are not at the top of your to do or event list at the best of times. It can be a nerveracking
experience and it’s OK to experience nervousness. Most often the interviewer or interviewers
will be nervous too! I rarely meet people who relish interviews on either side of the table.
However, being anxious can be good as your adrenaline is supercharged in that moment.
Hopefully you will find this e-book beneficial and a calming companion to minimize your anxiety. My
goal is to prepare you to confidently portray, in the video interview, why you are the preferred and
number one candidate.


Includes 12 pages.

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