Executive Resume Writing Services

Blowing the dust off a resume that landed you a job in the past, may be insufficient to land you a job in the future. Hiring trends evolve, dictated not only by current market conditions, but now technology plays a major role in how resumes are designed, computer scanned, and utilized by future employers and executive recruiters.

  • Are you aware computer software is often the first decision maker able to screen out up to 75% of incoming resumes?

  • Have you designed a multi-purpose executive resume able to “pass” the computer screening technology AND be enticing to the human eye?

  • Do you know what the right keywords and key phrases for your industry, profession and level of authority? Are you incorporating those keywords and key phrases into your resume?

  • Will your resume bore the reader or are you selling yourself with compelling STAR stories to entice action?

Resume writers at all client levels continually hear ‘but I was perfectly qualified for THAT job and they never called me”. Sound familiar? Well that stops here with an executive resume written by Elite Resumes!

Executive Resume Writing Service

Executive Resume Writing And Cover Letter Writing Services

Our resume writing and cover letter writing services are accompanied by unparalleled customer service for senior executives above Director level, and those who aspire to be business leaders. Our expertise lies in helping executives who are seeking employment and career advancement in all fields and industries across the world, but our primary focus spans Canada, the US and UK regions. Our powerful, attention-grabbing executive resumes are tailored to your particular career goals, and are strategically designed to stand out from the competition and get you noticed by executive hiring influencers.

“Investing in my resume in the beginning of my transition was the best decision I’ve made. Executive recruiters and hiring managers gave me a lot of compliments regarding my resume. I was always selected to the interviews.” A.B.

“He really does generate resumes that make a difference.” T.M.

The use of scanning technology otherwise known as Automated Tracking System (ATS) by human resource professionals and recruiters has made the submission of a current resume format critical to be considered as a suitable candidate. Each industry looks for keywords in your resume and these keywords are different in each career and industry. Elite Resumes keeps abreast of current keywords and appropriate resume formats to increase your chances of a job interview.

Your Elite Resume Competitive Edge

While there is no such thing as a perfect resume — everyone has a different response to a resume — knowing the latest preferences gives you the competitive edge!

Actively market yourself with an expert executive resume written by Elite Resumes and watch your success rate soar! Our resumes are highly recognized within the Canadian executive recruiter industry, furthering your chances of being considered for positions you may otherwise not have secured. A resume developed by Elite Resumes is a sound investment in your future and the stepping stone to the next level in your career.

Our Executive Resume Writing And Career Management Services

Call and inquire about our executive resume writing service. We can tailor a package to fit your background, industry and personal career goals. Components of your executive resume package may include:

  • Resume Development and Design
  • Targeted Cover Letters
  • Career Coaching
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Career Research
  • Interview Tutoring
  • Social Media Coaching
  • Executive Coaching
  • Biography Writing
  • Board Resume
  • LinkedIn Profile Creation

Let us help you determine the services most appropriate to your career needs by assessing your personal goals, career objectives, background, level of experience, and current and predicted salary.

Please contact us to further explore our exemplary executive resume writing and career management services.

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