9 tips to find the right resume writer

9 Tips to Finding The RIGHT Resume WRITER

It’s actually encouraged today to engage a resume writer. Executive recruiters and HR professionals encourage you to make that investment in your career.  Finding the right resume writer will help you shine above the competition.

Firstly, to help in finding the right resume writer, you need to have chemistry like in any arrangement, any engagement you need to have chemistry with that person. There are many resume writers across the world; many specialize in particular niches, as I do. But first, you need to have a chemistry, a rapport building, relationship building with that resume writer.

9 tips to find the right resume writing

Number two, look at their credentials, and ask them what certifications they’ve got. I have many certification and those and certifications will tell you how well trained they are. You need to engage somebody who’s got experience and speaking of experience…here’s my tip #3…

Tip number three. How many years have they been in business? You need to ask them that.  Somebody fresh into the business will probably not be good for you because they don’t know all the intricacies of building a resume.

Number four, have they worked in your industry? That’s very, very important because there are multiple industries. Do they know your industry? That’s a question I get asked a lot after 26 years, I’m very lucky. There’s hardly an industry or a sector or a position I haven’t worked in or a country because I’m a global person and global executive resume writer.

Number five, do they have testimonials? Now, when a client or potential client asks me about referrals, obviously I work in a highly, highly confidential environment. Many of my clients don’t ever want anybody to know that they’ve engaged me because it’s very sensitive. Many people are gainfully employed and don’t want people to know that they’re looking around for another job.

What I do with people who are potentially thinking about engaging me is I refer them to my LinkedIn profile. Those, as it is right now, 126 recommendations, speak volumes about my ability to work with a multitude of industries, a multitude of sectors and across the world. Those people who’ve been gracious in giving me a recommendation, have come out from the closet and told the world that they’ve engaged me. And they’ve got some really good stories to tell.

The next tip is, how much are they going to charge? You know like everything, you can get the cheap version, or you can get the Rolls Royce version, or you can get anywhere in between. You have to make an investment in your career. I’ve had to rewrite resumes where the client had hired other services costing far less and they had no idea on how to write a resume.

My next tip is to ask them about their process. Now I know most of the leading resume writers in the world because I meet them at conventions every year or every other year. I know what their process is. I know what my process is. I’m very strict on my process. I don’t just want my clients to have a dynamic resume at the other end. Yes, they always get that, however also want them to learn about themselves. This is a learning exercise. I encourage my clients to share and the more they share, the better I can make them look.

So I go through an extensive evaluation where they will learn a lot about themselves. And what they learn with me is then they can share in an interview. So they can you go through all the blood, sweat, and tears with me, and then when they go out in the world on a job search, they, their life, their job search is a lot easier because they can eloquently answer all the awkward questions. And they know that who they are, they know their value, they know their personal brand. So going through my process helps them, not just with a dynamic resume in the end, it helps them with them answering questions and being able to be far more confident in the world.

Finally ask them about their network because some resume writers have a very, very small network. Other resume writers have a huge network. I’m more than happy to share my network with my clients. So you need to ask them about their network. It’s very important.

So hopefully you’ve got some really good tips on when you make an investment in yourself and begin the process of finding the right resume writer.

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