A Professional Resume and the ROI

There are few investments any of us will make without giving careful consideration to the ROI (Return On Investment). Of the many investments to consider when managing a successful executive career, some will be long term, some short term and others may never present a clear or definitive return. The cost of furthering education such as that of acquiring an EMBA will likely take years before the ROI is fully recognized and even then it may be difficult to measure depending on the direction your career has taken. Investing in a new professional wardrobe could very well result in the look and self confidence that led to a close tie breaker in the final decision of a hiring professional but will you ever know for sure? Seeking professional advice from a reputable Certified Personal Branding Strategist or Certified Job Search Strategist is sure to positively impact your career with new opportunities arising as a result of establishing a genuine authentic brand and an effective job search.

Why you should plan your exit before you’re in the door by Deborah Stokes for Canadian Business is written in response to the shrinking lifespan of a chief executive position. The evolving shortened tenure only heightens the need to take charge of managing an executive career and perhaps the most critical investment; a professional resume from a recognized, Certified Professional Resume Writer! This is an investment that presents a  clear and significant ROI. A resume is your ticket in the door and if it impresses the decision maker you’re one step closer to your next position. Securing a job interview is wholly dependent on a professional resume. Although networking likely led to discovering the open position, or even a recommendation, it is still your resume which will precede the interview or preclude you from the interview. The leverage to negotiate a salary increases with the number of offers to choose from and the most clearly recognized ROI that a professional resume will provide is a significant reduction of the time spent in career transition. If you secure your next position within 6 months rather than 12 months as a result of investing $1,000 for a professional resume, the ROI based on an annual salary of $150,000 would be $74,000! You may not reduce your job search by 6 months but even 1 month could result in a substantial return on your investment.

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