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Are YOU Missing Out On Your LinkedIn Profile?

Are you on LinkedIn? If not you’re committing career suicide. LinkedIn can bring huge value to your career management. Let me explain, let me give you three tips. You need to address right today.

Number One

You need to go and look at your LinkedIn URL. If it’s got numbers and letters after your name, you haven’t customized it. That is the default they gave you when you signed up. You need to go and customize it for two reasons, it’s far more professional, and this is very important, the minute you do that, LinkedIn or Google will give you a 400% uplift in algorithm visits to your LinkedIn profile. You need as many as you can get.

Number Two

You need to have a photograph. If you don’t have a photograph, a professional photograph, not one holding a limpy fish or cuddling your spouse. You need to have a professional personal photograph.

As soon as you do that, upload your photograph, Google will give you a 1400%, yes, a 1400% uplift in profile visits or algorithm visits to your LinkedIn profile.

Number Three

Recommendations. You need to have recommendations from your peers, from your ex bosses. There is a rule of thumb, try to get to this level.  Five recommendations per position.  And from whom should those recommendations be? They should be one from your boss. If you can get it, one from a peer, one from an employee, one from a customer and finally one from a vendor.

If you can do those three things today, you will be elevated up in your Google rankings to help you manage your career. LinkedIn is an important tool. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you’re not worth hiring. So make sure you are on LinkedIn today and you customize those three things.

If you’re interested in connecting with me and I’m very particular who I connect with, I’ll be happy to connect with you. If you meet my defined criteria, I’m very, very particular. And so should you on who you connect with.

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