Mistakes that will send your resume to the recycle bin

A mistake on your resume is all the potential employer is looking for to send your resume to the recycle bin. As a potential candidate, you may feel you are the perfect choice but initially you will likely be represented as simply one of many resumes. Due to the number of candidates, the selection process is not always one of “finding a needle in a haystack” but getting rid of the hay to find the needle. It is a process of elimination which will be done quickly and require little cause to reduce the numbers to those which will be manageable in scheduling job interviews. It is imperative to understand these mistakes on your resume could send it to the recycle bin seriously impacting your career.

Age – Sex – Marital Status

These personal details have no place on a resume in North America or in most other countries. Any mention and your resume will likely to be discounted from further reading. Since this information has absolutely no impact on your ability to perform the job, it is considered discriminatory and should remain personal.

Political & Religious Affiliations

Leave them out! Although age discrimination is decreasing people will always discriminate for religious or political reasons. It’s none of their business, so why place an obstacle in your way? As much as you don’t want to be discriminated against, no potential employer wants to risk the accusation.


If your hobbies aren’t relevant to your career, leave them off. It’s information an employer doesn’t need to see. Again, your personal hobby could influence the reader on a personal level rather than professional, which is discrimination.

Volunteer Work – Community Involvement

Increasingly potential employers and recruiters are seeking people who participate in community activities and give their time for free. It says a lot about your character. However, if your volunteer work is related to religion or politics leave it out.

Employer Information

Including the name of your Manager and direct Supervisor and their contact details is not necessary. It has no relevance to your hiring. If the employer requires this information at the interview stage they will ask.


“References Available Upon Request” is a term which is severely outdated and simply a waste of space. It’s automatically assumed that you have a list of references which should be available on a separate reference sheet and taken with you to the job interview.


Your salary and bonus expectations are not required. Too high or too low, either could be a reason to eliminate you as a candidate or allow the potential employer to slot you into other positions that may not be of interest. Do not include any financial expectations in your resume.

Typos, outdated terminology and skills, lack of quantifiable achievements and too many pages are further mistakes on your resume that could send it to the recycle bin rather than securing a job interview. For further information on presenting a professional resume that is sure to get you recognized as a potential candidate, contact Elite Resumes for a free resume critique from Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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