Performance and Not A Job Description

As a potential candidate for a job, your interest is an employer’s job description but the employer will be interested in your performance and not a job description.

If your resume is going to open up doors for you it must be performance based! Anyone can assume responsibilities and tasks but it is quantifiable results that will be of interest to a prospective employer. Promotions, awards, charts and numbers provided in an easily read, 1 to 3 page, aesthetically pleasing, professional resume will quickly and easily create a positive impression and secure a job interview. Employment gaps, white spaces and missing dates will only take away from the limited amount of time that will be spent perusing your resume which is estimated to be 20 to 30 seconds decreasing your chances of being called for an interview!

Using the STAR principal is the most effective tool to produce a performance based resume; Situation, Task, Action, Result. Your current resume may list your job description as “Responsible for budget, logistics and supply chain management”, whereas a STAR resume might read, “Outsourced manufacturing to third party, non-unionized packers in western Canada to alleviate the Toronto-centric processing base, extracting $15 million from freight costs”.

Apply to the job description with a professional resume that will be acknowledged as a record of impressive performance and resulting accomplishments and you will secure your next job interview!

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