Should 'References Available Upon Request' be on Your Resume?

Should ‘References Available Upon Request’ be on your resume or CV?

The answer to this question is a resounding, ‘No’. If you include, ‘References Available Upon Request’, you are Instantly dating yourself. We have not put ‘References Available Upon Request’ on a resume for at least a decade. You should have your references typed up on a nice clean sheet, and you should give them to the interviewer.

Reference Available Upon Request

Who should those references be? You should have, preferably, one from your boss. I know that’s tough. Sometimes you should have one from a peer, somebody lateral to you, one from an employee, one from a vendor/supplier, and finally one from a client and/or a customer.

So there you have it. Now, you know, that references available upon request is a nonstarter. Don’t put it on your resume. You are instantly dating yourself. If you are in career transition or want to manage your career, please visit me at my LinkedIn profile or go to my website,

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