what is a resume

What is The Meaning of the word, ‘Resume’

Today’s topic is what is the meaning of the word, ‘Resume’?

what is the meaning of resume?

I’ve been writing resumes for 26+ years.  A resume is a very particular document. It’s a synopsis or a summary of your career. It highlights your career in reverse chronological order talking about your soft and your hard, your personal brand, your accomplishments, and your education. Basically, it’s a sales tool. You are selling yourself; it’s your marketing collateral to get your name into that big wide world.

So, a resume is sometimes called a CV, more so in Europe and the middle East and certain parts of Asia it’s called a CV which stands for Curriculum Vitae. 

Here in North America, South America, the continent of Africa and other countries or other continents, it is called a resume.

In summary, it’s your sales tool listing your accomplishments. Potential employers need to see that you are a performer.  They’re not interested in your responsibilities, but they do need to see your education, your soft and your hard skills and your personal brand.

So now you have it. So hopefully you will now understand what the word resume means. If you are in career, transition and need any help on job search, resume writing or anything else to do with career management, I would be happy to have a conversation with you. Please visit me on my LinkedIn profile or contact me using the short form below. I’d be happy to chat with you.


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