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Market your brilliance workshop

Market Your Brilliance
Date: Sunday, October 6, 2019
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Create A Winning Resume Workshop
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Your Interview In A Digital Age Workshop 
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Job Search In A Digital Age Workshop
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Rejuvenate Your Resume, Reap The Rewards

You should always have an impressive and current resume available for distribution. It would be dreadful to miss out on your ideal job simply because your resume is too old and outdated to quickly submit for the position or employer of your dreams. By learning how to rejuvenate your resume, you’ll reap the rewards of having a resume that will entice the most discriminating decision maker and open doors to your next challenge.

Key points addressed include:

• The Changing Face of Resumes
• Resume Types
• Critical Contact Information
• What’s Your WOW Factor?
• Determining Your Brand
• Creating a Pro-jective
• Documenting Accomplishments (The STAR Story)
• Supplemental Information
• Formatting Rules

Social Media Strategies

Tweet, Like and Link your career to a global audience! Conducting a job search in a digital age requires you have a visible and influential online presence, establish professional relationships with targeted connections, and deploy social media strategies to promote your personal brand. In this presentation, participants will learn the advantages of using social media for prudent career management and aggressive job hunting.

Key points addressed include:

  • How others find your brand
  • Market your brand
  • Active versus Static social sites
  • The top 3 sites every job seeker should use
  • Digital dirt
  • Vetting applicants using social media
  • How to look for a job using social media
  • Personal branding

Do You Need A Kick In The Ass – What Is Your Career Plan?

If your job search consists solely of languishing on the couch hitting the “Apply Now” button, then you definitely need a kick in the ass. If you still believe in the philosophy of employer loyalty and having a job for life, then you need a kick in the ass.

Good career management means having a defined career plan and taking the necessary steps to execute that plan. Participants will walk away from this presentation charged with ideas to create a career plan, be prepared if the pink slip arrives, and take action using latest resume and job search trends to obtain the job they have always wanted.

Key points addressed include:

  • Creating a 2, 5 and 10 year career plan
  • What is your “ideal” job?
  • Do you know your differentiators?
  • A typical job search day
  • Online presence
  • Networking
  • Ageism (or why you’re not over the hill!)
  • Personal branding
  • The role of active and static social media sites
  • Time wasters – where are you looking?
  • Rejuvenate your resume
  • Reinvigorate your job search

I’m on LinkedIn But Feel Left Out

Just “being” on LinkedIn isn’t enough. I often see people who floundered when setting up their LinkedIn account; they didn’t know what to put so they stopped engaging on the platform. Many even have long forgotten duplicate accounts. Your online profile should be as compelling as your resume, strongly market your unique differentiators, and boost your professional credibility through knowledge sharing and impactful recommendations.

Martin will enlighten the audience with numerous ways to portray your career strengths and achievements to the world on the premiere site used by corporate decision makers and executive recruiters to source talent.

Key topics addressed include:

  • Why use LinkedIn
  • Who uses LinkedIn
  • 10 steps to building, branding and boosting your profile
  • Cross-market your brand

Personal Branding: What’s So Special About You?

If I were to sell you as a brand, can you tell me what is so special about you? Personal branding is about distinguishing yourself from your competition and plays a key role in defining who you are as a performer and a leader. What image comes to mind when others think of you? Would they describe your brand as remarkable or forgettable?

In this presentation, attendees will go on a journey, learning how to uncover their unique promise of value, portray their brand in a resume and articulate it verbally to resonate with the listener. Shift your career and brand prominence into high gear by attending this seminar.

Key topics addressed include:

  • Align what you do with who you are.
  • Express your personal brand in under 21 words
  • Your ONE word and Three C’s
  • Visibility: can you be found?
  • Words to Woo Employers

Is Your Job Search Generating Analogue Results in a Digital World? 

Digital, or e-recruitment, isn’t going away. What has become obsolete, or at least significantly reduced, is the reliance upon advertising jobs using print publications and traditional job boards. Almost every company and recruitment firm have redefined their hiring practices, maximizing their ROI and calibre of hire using online strategies. Jobs posted on the Internet are now viewed by a global audience resulting in a massive increase in applicants per job. So, how you do stand out from the competition?

Martin will share with attendees how to conduct a job search using latest technologies and advanced resume strategies that deliver results.

Key points addressed include:

  • How digital recruitment sparked a change in resume submission formats
  • Where the jobs are has changed
  • The importance of having an Internet presence
  • How to get noticed on LinkedIn
  • Using LinkedIn to job search
  • Facebook and the social job seeker
  • Twitter is a flutter with jobs
  • A resume of today is….(Hint: a marketing tool, keyword rich and scannable)
  • Creating a Projective, not an Objective
  • Keywords, STAR stories and Action Verbs

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