Do I need a LinkedIn Photo

Do I Need a LinkedIn Photo?

Best Tips for Your Professional Profile Picture

So today’s topic is that I am shy and I don’t want my picture on LinkedIn.

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There are many reasons to have your picture on LinkedIn. I know that many people find it daunting; they don’t want to put their picture in front of a global audience of 675 million people on LinkedIn. Why do you want that? You need to have it because it fulfills your profile. Simply by putting your picture there gives Google algorithms a 1,400% uplift. So you need all, you can benefit from free algorithms by Google. So, a 1400% uplift just simply by putting your picture really helps you. It also fulfills your profile.

So the criteria for that picture is that is has to be professional, it has to be clear and it has to be just a headshot and not a full body shot.

You can take the picture with a cell phone as cell phones today are highly professional, but I would suggest you go and see a photographer. Just a quick visit to a professional photographer can help you in your career management and advanced that intrigue in you on LinkedIn.

So hopefully you’ve got all you need on why you should have a picture on LinkedIn.  Make it professional and get that 1400% for free, that algorithm uplift.

If you are in career transition, I will be happy to help you.  Visit me on and please visit my professional LinkedIn profile. My name is Martin Buckland and I’m an executive career management practitioner. I manage the careers of senior global executives, advance their careers, and manage their careers.


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