Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

Do I Need a Professional LinkedIn Presence?

Tips To Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

Do I need a LinkedIn Profile?

Tips to Improve Your LinkedIn Presence

My philosophy, as a career management practitioner, is if you don’t have a LinkedIn presence, you are committing career suicide. Yes, those are very strong words, but everyone, every professional from top to bottom needs a LinkedIn profile. There are people searching for your talent right now and they are using LinkedIn as a resource to search for talent.

So, you can have a basic LinkedIn presence, but you need to have it be fully functional and completed from top to bottom, using all the different sections of LinkedIn that they provide. It’s not difficult to do…it’s like filling out a form.  It’s all character sensitive, but you need to have the maximum impact and the maximum amount of text. The more information you share on your LinkedIn profile, the more calls you will get from career influencers.

LinkedIn is also a venue for people provide recommendations. I would suggest that you solicit recommendations.  Some people might recommend you of their own volition after they worked with you.

Nothing is better than somebody else: maybe your boss, a peer, one of your employees, a vendor, a supplier, or a customer/client giving a testimonial or a recommendation talking about how great you are.

You also need to be active on LinkedIn, share, publish content, and connect with people. That is what it’s all about. 

I am an executive career management practitioner and I call myself a self-proclaimed LinkedIn junkie. I am always on LinkedIn so, if you want to connect with me or you’ve got any questions about your career management, let’s talk on LinkedIn. Or we can have a conversation on the phone or a Zoom meeting.

I am passionate about helping you reach your career goals and so I have an offer for you, a free resume critique, and a LinkedIn audit. I will give you 30 minutes of my time, no obligation, no sales pitch, to go through your LinkedIn and your resume from top to bottom. However I will tell you, I am tough. I say it as it is. I will tell you how to eliminate any red flags and have a bank of green flags. That means you will sail through your job search and through your career transition. Are you interested? If so, email me your resume on LinkedIn, or send it to me by clicking on the button below. I’d be happy to help you. Cheers!

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