Successful Social Media Habits When Searching for a Job

Successful Social Media Habits when Searching for a Job

I am Martin Buckland a global executive career management practitioner. Today we’re going to talk about the top six successful social media habits.

I call myself a LinkedIn junkie. I’m always on LinkedIn because I teach it. I know how I use it and I want my clients to use it all the time. You need to have particular habits in order to optimize your results. You need to peak and go above and beyond what everybody else is doing.

Social Media Habits

1. Connect with a Goal and a Purpose

There’s no point in using it willy nilly and not focus. You need to connect with people who are influencers; either they can bring you value or you can bring value to them.  It’s sharing.

2. Connect Personally.

It’s so improper to receive a message without any introduction about why that person wants to connect with you. I make it my point when I connect on any platform whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn to introduce myself. Why should I connect with you? What is the value I can bring to you or vice versa?

3. Be Open. Be Honest

There is no point in trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Just be honest. It’s a platform. These are three global platforms and you only get one chance to make yourself honest and be open.

4. Mind Your Manners

There are so many people that I question their reason for being on social media. Try and keep controversial topics out of the conversation, particularly politics. Your political leaning or your religion does not need to be brought up.  Social media is not there as a platform to rant on about certain politics or certain religions or certain things that are happening in the world. It’s a platform for sharing meaningful things.

5. Be Consistent

Don’t just leave LinkedIn the day you land the job and have a new position and then five years later, suddenly I see you on LinkedIn and I know you’ve just suddenly being transitioned out by your previous employer. So what do I do? I pick up the phone and I tell you, “I saw you’ve just recently been terminated.” And people say, well, I don’t know how you know that. And I answer, well, I haven’t seen you on social media in particular, LinkedIn for the last four or five years. So be consistent.

You don’t have to be as active or as proactive when you’re gainfully employed, but still have a position, still have a stance, still show that you’re there and that you’re breathing and you’re alive because we need to see that.

6. Mix it Up

So don’t just create content. It’s great to create content all the time, but share other people’s content as well. There’s a wealth of content out there. Go to the newspapers, go to magazines, go to news stations or anything that’s pertinent in your industry and if you see something that you’d like to share, share it because it gives you a venue to market yourself as an expert, as an authority, and we hire experts and authorities. As well, make comments on people’s, posts, but be very pertinent, and don’t be rude.

Social media works. Make it work for you. It’s an important platform to broadcast a lot about you. It tells a lot about you, but don’t be rude. Be pertinent and be consistent.

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