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Bummed out at work? Join the club

The article, “Bummed out at work? Join the club”, by Tavia Grant and Wallace Immen and based on a survey commissioned by Desjardins Financial Security, suggests Canadians are increasingly stressed on the job, leading to rising levels of burnout and depression.  “Stress, burnout and depression create huge fallout in the workplace that far exeeeds taking a sick […]

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Overqualified? Underqualified?

Are you prepared to respond to your HR Interviewer when it is suggested that you are either overqualified or underqualified for the job position you are seeking?  Tony Martin’s article, “When skills aren’t a perfect fit” provides advice from four of the top recruitment specialists, including David Perry, Managing Partner of Perry-Martel International.  If there is one common

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Job Search Tip #2

Make your resume look polished!! The ‘wow’ factor, and the look of your resume are direct reflections of you! Many employers and recruiters say that a clear, concise, accomplishment-based resume  will not only secure more attention, it is more likely to get the candidate hired.  A resume is not just ready to go because you have

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Santa’s Resume

Winter has returned, albeit early. Yikes. What is that white fluffy stuff falling out of the sky? The Christmas season is being commercially forced upon us. The shops are packed full of enticing merchandize, and the television stations are showing endless advertisements pertaining to gifts. It’s hard to avoid the upcoming season. So, what about

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Do you want your resume to get noticed or not?

There are a plethora of free e mail addresses available on the Internet. As a Resume Writer, I see many foolish e mail addresses that will honestly diminish your chances of making you shine above the competition.   A great, accomplishment-based resume damaged because of your address? I think not!  “”, or “” are just two

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Interviewers Making Mistakes!

Really, do interviewers make mistakes? Yes, of course they do. It’s a two-way street; a meeting of the minds. Interviewers always get nervous. It’s only human nature.   Surveys normally focus on the interviewees. However, recently Development Dimensions International (DDI) turned the tables and decided to research interviewers with some intriguing findings.   They asked interviewees questions

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Resume Writing 101

In short, a resume is a performance-based document. Future employers are hiring because you can save them money, boost productivity, enhance the bottom line, streamline operations and yes, eliminate personnel. Clearly state the actions taken and the achieved results based on the STAR technique: S – Situation T – Task A – Action R –

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