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Big Expectations for Today’s Executives

Globe and Mail article, Hit the ground running, by Wallace Immen relays the reality of expectations for immediate and measurable success from today’s executives. Stephen Smith, regional vice-president for Canada of Servisair Inc. said, “There was a huge agenda of things I was expected to do immediately”.  In the first week he had to make personnel changes […]

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Lot’s of HEART

Heart Business Journal For Women, is just that, lot’s of HEART within a very professional magazine.  Inspiring and thought provoking from cover to cover.  Valuable information and positive advice on everything from Human Resources: “Recognizing and Building Talent” to Personal Development: “Transform Your Life and Work”. AmyK Hutchens, Founder and CEO of AKI, Inc., shares her expertise on, “Building a Brilliant

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Cultural Diversity and a Name

The Government of Canada,  Cultural Diversity: A Canadian Perspective, reports, “Approximately 200,000 immigrants a year from all parts of the globe choose Canada, drawn by it’s quality of life and it’s reputation as an open, peaceful and caring society that welcomes newcomers and values diversity”. Statistics Canada reports, “By 2017, visible minorities are expected to

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A Branding Success, Personal and Corporate

Recently I received an email from Lynn Marie Caissie, through an organization called HAPPEN, regarding an experience she had on a flight with WestJet.  Much has been written about creating your personal brand and even more about corporate branding; the objective, to develop a “unique and influential” persona or company.  WestJet is truly a branding success story, not just because this

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Public/Private Companies, Their Executives and Board of Directors

Blogging on a daily basis involves a great deal of researching, which inevitably results in more time spent reading or listening than writing.  The information available online is infinite!  If you have an insatiable desire for news, data, facts, general knowledge or simply the pleasure of enjoying an amusing anecdote, professional blogging is a dream job!  What makes it even more fulfilling

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Your Online Profile – Will it get you hired or fired?

CareerBuilder has a great article by Selena Dehne on the impact your social networking profile could have on getting hired or fired.  She suggests that many people have no idea, or maintain an, “it won’t happen to me” attitude when it comes to posting derogatory statements or lewd photos that may cost them the job of their dreams.  Also

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“Machiavellian” Recruiter, David Perry

Yes, “machiavellian”; elaborately cunning, scheming and unscrupulous in his recruiting methods. A more deserved title than that of “rogue recruiter” as David Perry is referred to in The Wall Street Journal article, Snack Vendor — or Undercover Job Recruiter? by Sarah E. Needleman. David shares some interesting, certainly entertaining, and sometimes shocking details of many of his recruiting adventures. David

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Personal and Professional – Women in Business

HEART Business Journal for Women has just launched their premier edition which offers tools to guide you in your personal relationships and professional career. Their “men allowed” philosophy is further to their research and a survey of men, which resulted in the majority stating that this magazine would act as a resource to help them better connect with the females in

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Working While On Vacation….

….Planning vacations while working!  According to a new online survey of visitors to, only 43% of 1439 Canadians said they “do not work at all” during vacation. “Many Canadians seem to be missing the point when it comes to taking holidays”, said Monster Canada vice-president of sales and general manager Peter Gilfillan, noting that

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Future Trends in the Workplace

Emerging Technology, globalization and demographic changes continue to have a significant impact on our workplace. In a recent article in the Baltimore Sun, John A. Challenger, chief executive of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago outplacement firm identifies some workplace trends of the future that could transform office culture.  He begins by saying, “Teleconferencing could end business travel.”  Audio, video and Web

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Little Evidence of 2000 Bell Canada Managers Online

According to a Financial Post article, BCE insiders say more than 2,000 people out of approximately 15,000 managers will lose their jobs during a “100-day plan” unveiled by new chief executive George Cope, to change the public image of BCE’s main unit, Bell Canada. Despite this announcement, I am surprised to see, or I should say,

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Work and Family

Managing the work-family conflict by Judith Maxwell, and published in the Globe and Mail adds to the thousands of blogs and articles verifying the ever increasing acknowledgement of the importance of a healthy balance between work and family.  And I continue to follow up further to previous blogs, “Employee’s looking for work life balance” and “Bummed out at work?” Barack

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Retirement or Career Transition?

Most of our grandparents and parents reached the age of “retirement” and did just that, they retired.  But today the trend is changing and it is becoming more and more common for those reaching retirement to continue working, negotiate alternative working arrangements or embark on entirely new careers. An increased life expectancy is only one of many factors contibuting to this trend.  Although

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Women in IT Careers

A recent ariticle, Why women quit technology careers, by Kathleen Melymuka relays some startling research from this month’s Harvard Business Review.  Women, between the ages of 25 and 30 are excelling in the science, engineering and technology fields making up 41% of the young talent with related credentials.  Unfortunately, 52% of this talent drops out, most significantly

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