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I’m ambitious. I want to get to the C Suite!

Today’s topic is I’m ambitious. I want to reach the C suite. A lot of people say that to me because I specialize at the senior executive level. And it is possible, yes, of course, it’s possible. Anything’s possible, but you have to have the right attitude. It’s not impossible, but bear in mind the

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It is the notion of privacy that has many missing out on the tremendous opportunities that are possible through the use of social media. Privacy has been sold as a protection but when managing a career consideration must be given to who it is protecting.  It is understandable that those with something to hide or

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Career Professionals Won’t Guarantee A Job

Many of those managing executive careers are aware of the importance of a professional resume, networking, job search strategies, a strong social media presence, personal branding, career coaching and and the role that certified career professionals play within the career industry. Unfortunately, not unlike any other industry, there are those who are good at what

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Don’t Wear A Mask

Wearing a mask for a Halloween Party or any costume party can be exhilarating, mischievous or just plain fun! An occasion that many look forward to when it is acceptable to hide behind a mask, deceive others as to your true identity, assume the looks or personality of a favourite idol or simply seize the

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Executive Career Management

There are many resources  available to assist in managing your executive career and it is likely you have secured the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach or Personal Branding Strategist. You may have invested in furthering your education to obtain additional accreditation’s and you are likely a paid member of various organizations.

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Jobs and Industries of the Past

Will your current occupation or industry continue to be a viable one despite changing trends and technological advances? The Milkman, the Iceman, Telegraph Operator and Lector are just a few of the occupations described in this interesting article, The Jobs of Yesteryear; Obsolete Occupations. Long forgotten and for many, jobs never heard of, a list

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