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Positive Signs for Job Seekers

November 2009 showed some positive signs for Job Seekers as both Canada and the United States experienced a slight decline in unemployment rates. Although Canada’s unemployment rate dipped by only 0.1 percent to 8.5 the really good news is the fact that we are seeing any decline at all! All of the experts in both countries predicted increases in unemployment rates for the

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Job Search Advice After Landing

There is no better job search advice than that which is provided by those who have successfully landed a job. Their experiences can provide a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for those who are still seeking a new job. The following advice has been shared after landing a new job: Persistence! Persistent follow-up with prospective employers is necessary but don’t expect that it will result in

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Questions For The Recruiter

Higher Bracket, a leading executive job board recently shared an article, “8 Questions To Ask A Headhunter”. It is common that the recruiter/headhunter will have lots of questions for you but are you aware of the questions you should be asking them?  It is important for the recruiter to discover if you will meet their needs as a potential candidate but equally

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Tweeting For Jobs

If you are tweeting, you’re using Twitter and it is fast becoming an excellent resource for your job search. Twitter continues to see a tremendous increase in users every day and so it only stands to reason that more and more organizations are recognizing the potential of a growing talent pool and posting available jobs on Twitter.

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Do you have a Linkedin Profile?

Do you have a completed LinkedinProfile? If you are questioning the significance of a presence on Linkedin, please take the time to review the 2009 Social Recruitment Survey Results from Jobvite. You may not be in career transition today but there’s no guarantee that you won’t be next month, next year or the year after that. Here are

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Job Search Advice From Lessons Learned

Job Search advice is available from a variety of mediums and many an expert but none seems as valuable or as heartfelt as the advice provided by those after they’ve landed their new job based on lessons learned!  HAPPEN is a leading Canadian Networking organization providing an excellent venue for those seeking employment to share leads, advice and eventually the celebratory events of landing the job!

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Resumes, Cover Letters and Your Job Search

The competition is fierce! HR professionals are receiving more resumes and cover letters than ever before. Will your cover letter and resume get noticed if it is 1 of 1,000? With so many resumes being submitted for available positions the goal of all HR professionals or Recruiters is to reduce that number to a manageable list of viable candidates. A common

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New Realities in Today’s Job Search

Wallace Immen writes, “JOB HUNTING 101… A Guide For The New Realities of These Tougher Times” for the Globe and Mail. According to career coaches, Ward Garven, Stanton Chase Int’l; Wayne Pagani, WP Consulting Assoc; Sharon Graham, Graham Managment; Molly Fletcher; Heidi Allison, Allison & Talylor Inc and Cassandra Gierden, Profit Coaching, it is safe to say

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Stay Positive in your Job Search!

At John D. Sutter writes, “To find a job, ignore doom-and-gloom news, experts say”. John A. Challenger, chief executive officer of Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a prestigious job-placement consulting organization says if you want to work, you need to block out the doom-and-gloom news about the economy, “It’s not relevant to any one person’s (job)search”. He

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Online Resources

Online resources offer volumes of information related to your job search on resumes, cover letters, personal branding, networking and more. Here are just a few articles available online offering valuable information: Top 10 Tools for Landing a Better Job, by Kevin Purdy on lifehacker. Number 1. Write a killer resume for a new career path! A Cover Letter is

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Resume and Cover Letter

As far back as you can remember in your job search you needed a resume and cover letter. Today, despite what you hear about Web 2.0, social media, online job sites; despite what you hear about the current economy, job losses, record unemployment rates, a 1.3% job growth rate and despite what you hear about developing a personal brand, you still

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