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Networking and Negative Comments

The options available for online networking are vast and have the potential to result in opportunities for a successful career. Networking is a crucial element in building your brand, connecting with influencers and sharing valuable contacts and information. More jobs are secured through networking than any other job search tool! Despite the current turmoil of our global economy, it is absolutely […]

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Do you need a degree to get a job?

Much has been said for achieving a post secondary education and increasing your chances to be the selected candidate in your job search, especially in today’s highly competitive job market. Keppie Careers provides an informative article and some valuable advice in, “How important is a college degree for your job prospects?”, written by Miriam Salpeter, who says, “No matter

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Job Search Tips and Resources

Job search tips and resources are so abundantly available today that the time required in order to read all of them them would probably take you into retirement!  In order to help you sort through the mountains of blogs and articles I’m sharing some tips and resources that I have recently come across from industry colleagues that will be of interest and

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Are you LinkedIn?

If you are interested in successfully managing your career, you must have a profile on LinkedIn!  Described as a business-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn has more than 30 million registered users spanning 150 industries.  Their philosophy, “Relationships matter.  Your professional relationships are key to your professional success.” As a  job search tool, LinkedIn offers increased visibility and connections and the

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Your Resume is Your Foundation

Whether you are building a house or managing your career your success will be determined by a strong foundation.  In your career, your resume is your foundation. Your career can take you in many directions but your advancement, your success, will be directly related to opportunities.  By maintaining a professional resume you will ensure your opportunities for job interviews are secured and not lost. Your

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How are you finding your job?

If you are new to finding a job, you may be a little overwhelmed by the increased number of job search tools available today, especially online. According to a recent survey, Monster is listed as one of the elite in the online employment industry.  Another study to determine where 15,600 respondents found their last job reported that 13.3%

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Forecast for 2009 and what it means to you

Guest post by Gord Orlikow, Senior Client Partner, Korn/Ferry International. The economic fallout from 2008 has left even the most prescient analysts slack-jawed, given the direction, speed and magnitude of market change. We’ve heard the bad news — the job market will stay its dismal course in the first quarter and not improve until the

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Employers, 50 of the best in Canada

50 of the best employers in Canada have been published in the Globe & Mail Magazine for the 10th year.  Hewitt Associates, a global HR outsourcing and consulting firm designed and conducted the study, involving over 100,000 employees, 1200 leaders and 200 organizations.  Strict guidelines are followed to produce results including a concept called employee engagement, researched and developed

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Headhunters, Search Firms, Recruiters – What do they really do?

It is very likely that the majority of people don’t really know what headhunters, search firms or recruiters, as they are now more commonly referred to, actually do. In your job search it is important that you are known by recruiters because they do actively search for candidates to fill positions for companies. The misconception is

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Networking and Your Job Search

More jobs are found through networking than by any other means.  37 Ideas to Grow Your Job Search Network Right Now, is a must-read article for anyone, employed or not, providing a simple list of everything you need to do in order to grow your network online and offline. Included in the list are #1. a simple email address, #5. & 6. join LinkedIn, #9. &

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President of Sales, VP of Sales, Sales Manager, Sales Associate

In today’s economic crisis, the number one job available is in SALES!  These positions are currently the most sought after as an increase in sales could potentially be the key factor in the survival of many companies caught up in today’s economic turmoil. Increasing sales is one of the few definitive options available to the decision makers of many companies and organizations at

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Web sites available to answer all your questions

Are you looking for a job?  Are you interested in a specific company?  Would you like to know the name of the CEO or who’s on the Board of Directors?  How many employees are there?  How many locations do they have?  How long have they been in business?  Are you interested in speaking with a past employee? Regardless of

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Don’t Burn Bridges

The value of networking can never be overstated.  In a recent blog, What goes around comes around, the significance of presenting yourself as a professional, courteous and considerate individual and more importantly, one who is genuinely interested in the needs of others is reviewed.  The impression you leave may ensure that your name comes to the forefront the next time an opportunity to fulfill

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