Online networking

“Is not currently open to receiving introductions or InMail”

Not open to receiving introductions is a message you do not want displayed on your Linkedin profile when someone is trying to connect with you. Why? Because Linkedin is the #1 Professional Networking Site. There are currently over 100 million professionals on Linkedin. You will find close to 2.2 million companies with detailed profiles including

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Online Networking

Are you one of the 10 million active subscribers on Twitter? Or maybe you are one of the 266 million currently using Facebook? Perhaps you are one of the 47 millionactive users on Linkedin? These and other online networking sites continue to attract users at a phenominal rate. LinkedIn members increased by 143% in one year and you can be assured that

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Linkedin Contact Settings – Giving and Receiving

Linkedin is one of the top, online, professional networking sites. The key word here is “networking” so why would anyone establish a profile on Linkedin and set their contact settings to display:  John Smith…”is not currently open to receiving Introductions or InMail™”? It really is amazing to see the number of people on a networking site who have chosen account settings

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Social Media Status

Who do you know? Who do they know? Who knows you? If you have invested the time to utilize the vast number of social media resources available today, you may find the answers to these questions quite remarkable, even extraordinary. The opportunity to create an extremely valuable and influential network of people to establish your “social media status” has never been

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Are you LinkedIn?

If you are interested in successfully managing your career, you must have a profile on LinkedIn!  Described as a business-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn has more than 30 million registered users spanning 150 industries.  Their philosophy, “Relationships matter.  Your professional relationships are key to your professional success.” As a  job search tool, LinkedIn offers increased visibility and connections and the

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