Recruiter asks, “Are you on Facebook?”

Recruiters and HR Professionals continue to turn to social media as a resource to post jobs and source candidates. A number of surveys show this number to be approximately 90%! If you are actively managing your career, you are aware of the importance of Linkedin, the number 1  professional online networking site. Certified Professional Resume […]

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Executive Career Management

There are many resources  available to assist in managing your executive career and it is likely you have secured the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach or Personal Branding Strategist. You may have invested in furthering your education to obtain additional accreditation’s and you are likely a paid member of various organizations.

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Questions For The Recruiter

Higher Bracket, a leading executive job board recently shared an article, “8 Questions To Ask A Headhunter”. It is common that the recruiter/headhunter will have lots of questions for you but are you aware of the questions you should be asking them?  It is important for the recruiter to discover if you will meet their needs as a potential candidate but equally

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Will Your Resume Get You In The Door?

Your resume will get you in the door or it will not! Some believe their expertise on their resume will guarantee them the opportunity to walk through the door for a job interview. And there are those who believe their well written cover letter will get their foot in the door. Others feel that writing a resume to match the job description is the

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Executive Recruiters? Career Management Organizations?

Are they who they say they are?  Today’s global recession presents a prime environment for many organizations that prey on the misfortunes of those who will be affected by it.  The increasing loss of jobs will leave some desperate and vulnerable, willing to believe promises of a new and successful career and gullible enough to invest $$$’s in order

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“Machiavellian” Recruiter, David Perry

Yes, “machiavellian”; elaborately cunning, scheming and unscrupulous in his recruiting methods. A more deserved title than that of “rogue recruiter” as David Perry is referred to in The Wall Street Journal article, Snack Vendor — or Undercover Job Recruiter? by Sarah E. Needleman. David shares some interesting, certainly entertaining, and sometimes shocking details of many of his recruiting adventures. David

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