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Professional Resume Writing 101-28

Professional Resume Writing – Basic Rules Creating the perfect resume is not possible as there are so many decision makers all with varying opinions. Each will have their own personal preferences and perspectives when it comes to reviewing your resume and extracting the information they need to determine if you are a viable candidate to them. A Certified Professional Resume […]

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Professional Resume Writing 101-25

Professional Resume Writing – Email Address Your resume contains a wealth of information that will be used to present yourself as the best candidate for the job in the eyes of the hiring professional. It can also contain information that you may not realize could create a negative impression to a prospective employer. The heading on your resume displays critical information consisting

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Professional Resume Writing 101-22

Professional Resume Writing – “Professional” Image If there is one word that would describe what a hiring manager or recruiter is seeking, it is “Professional“. What makes a resume professional? What makes a cover letter professional? How do you portray a professional image? Let’s start by listing some of the top pet peeves relayed by hiring managers and

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Professional Resume Writing 101-21

Professional  Resume Writing – Powerful Language When writing your resume it is imperative that you focus on what a Hiring Professional is looking for. The most powerful language you can use in your resume is the use of action verbs to describe your accomplishments. Take action and go beyond “assigned duties and responsibilities”. Highlight your detailed accomplishments

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Professional Resume Writing 101-18

Professional Resume Writing – Time and Research How much time are you spending to research organizations prior to sending out your resume for a potential job?  Noting specific details about the company in your cover letter could impress the reader and set you apart from your competition. However, noting incorrect details could be enough to eliminate you as a

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Professional Resume Writing 101-14

Professional Resume Writing – An Advertisement for a Job Interview! The basic principles of good advertising are: Grab attention Heighten interest Sell the product Promote action Your resume is an advertisement for a job interview. Have you followed these principals? At first glance, is your document professional in appearance, free of blank white space and errors? Will it

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KISS – Keep It Simple S…..

K.I.S.S. is an acronym for “Keep it Short and Simple” or “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. The KISS  principal has been supported through the ages by Albert Einstein, “everything should be made as simple as possible, but no  simpler” and Leonardo Da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Yes, KISS is also a great band! As is Simple Plan.  The KISS principal

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Professional Resume Writing 101-12

Professional Resume Writing – Look Outstanding! This advice is repetitive but necessary. Your resume must look outstanding!  Before reading any words the simple layout of your resume will create an impression. If notable, it will either be positive or negative. In the real estate industry a key component to selling a home is “curb appeal”. If the house looks good and creates a positive impression, the potential

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Professional Resume Writing 101-10

 Professional Resume Writing – General Principles Your Resume Should: Immediately impress the reader. Include a dynamic tag line. Be visually appealing and easy to read. Indicate ambition, career aspirations, goals. Focus on your value in relation to employers’ needs. Convey your job related abilities and patterns of performance. Stress your productivity and potential to solve employers’ problems. Validate accomplishments

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