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Is your resume ready?

Don’t be complacent! The global economy has experienced unprecedented stress. Mass lay-offs, corporate restructuring, downsizing, mergers and acquisitions, bankruptcies, business closures, unions walk out, company relocates to far away country; all are headlines that have become so prevalent that fear seems to have evolved into complacency. Make no mistake, the consequences are job losses, across all industries, levels and functions. Whether you have been

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Will Your Resume Get You In The Door?

Your resume will get you in the door or it will not! Some believe their expertise on their resume will guarantee them the opportunity to walk through the door for a job interview. And there are those who believe their well written cover letter will get their foot in the door. Others feel that writing a resume to match the job description is the

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Are Professional Resume Writers Worth The Expense?

Are Professional Resume Writers Worth The Expense? This was the question posted on Linkedin last week and I felt compelled to answer it despite my bias, as I was somewhat taken aback by some serious misconceptions. This is an economy where hundreds of resumes are being submitted for one position. All vying for an opportunity to get noticed and

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Professional Resume Writing Tips

You will find professional resume writing tips on many sites and most provide very valuable information for writing your resume. Basic tips like formatting issues, typos, soft skills, hard skills, recommended number of pages and so much more. The majority of these tips receive a general consensus but there is one piece of advice that still seems to generate some controversy, not

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Resume Mistakes

There has been much information shared about common resume mistakes including formatting issues, too many pages, typos, missing contact information, lack of outstanding, noteworthy accomplishments and the list goes on. Although all of these are serious issues as they may very well eliminate you as a potential candidate, this is not exactly what I wanted to share with you today. In contrast to

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Resumes, Cover Letters and Your Job Search

The competition is fierce! HR professionals are receiving more resumes and cover letters than ever before. Will your cover letter and resume get noticed if it is 1 of 1,000? With so many resumes being submitted for available positions the goal of all HR professionals or Recruiters is to reduce that number to a manageable list of viable candidates. A common

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Online Resources for Your Job Search

Your job search must entail a wide range of methods and strategies if you are going to succeed in today’s competitive job market. Job search tools that will elevate your visibility include a professionally written resume, extensive networking and utilizing online resources. If no one knows who you are or that you are looking for a job, how will you be found? You

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Does your resume include your contact information?

Silly question? Not really. You would probably be very surprised by the number of individuals who do not include their contact information in their resume. Reasons include everything from simple negligence to a fear of sharing personal information. Regardless of the reason, it should be obvious that without your contact information you are wasting your time sending out your

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Your resume and keywords

If there is one critical element to getting your resume noticed, it’s keywords! Most resumes are scanned, not by people but by computers, which locate specific keywords that are pertinent to their search. If those keywords are not found in your resume, you will not be found. Similarly, keywords have a huge impact on the visibility of a website. If you’re “surfing the web” to find a supplier of candy,

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Resume and Cover Letter

As far back as you can remember in your job search you needed a resume and cover letter. Today, despite what you hear about Web 2.0, social media, online job sites; despite what you hear about the current economy, job losses, record unemployment rates, a 1.3% job growth rate and despite what you hear about developing a personal brand, you still

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