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If you have not yet created your profile on Twitter, you are missing out on the 2nd most popular social media site available. It’s easy to use! It’s free! It’s real time! It has over 200 million users! It has influenced the election of a President, saving a rain forest, a new wheelchair, accountability from corporations, money

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Protect my tweets?

“Protect my tweets” is the only option in Tweet Privacy, one of the few Account Settings required to create a Twitter profile. Additional “Account Settings” consist simply of your Name, Username, Email, Language, Time Zone and Tweet Location. Although simple and self explanatory, instructions are included with each criteria. There should be little confusion in choosing a name or email address

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Twitter is…

…informative, interesting, newsworthy, user-friendly, uncomplicated, inspiring, fun, professional, social, influential, real-time, networking, marketing, mobile, private tweets, public tweets, retweets  And Twitter is: 140 character tweets providing links to anything CNN Breaking News and The New York Times tweeting for over 5 million followers  Searching #hashtags for relevant feedback Immediate, non-invasive feedback from large audiences to live presenters Communication for virtual events A

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Online Networking

Are you one of the 10 million active subscribers on Twitter? Or maybe you are one of the 266 million currently using Facebook? Perhaps you are one of the 47 millionactive users on Linkedin? These and other online networking sites continue to attract users at a phenominal rate. LinkedIn members increased by 143% in one year and you can be assured that

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Tweeting For Jobs

If you are tweeting, you’re using Twitter and it is fast becoming an excellent resource for your job search. Twitter continues to see a tremendous increase in users every day and so it only stands to reason that more and more organizations are recognizing the potential of a growing talent pool and posting available jobs on Twitter.

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Job Search Tips and Resources

Job search tips and resources are so abundantly available today that the time required in order to read all of them them would probably take you into retirement!  In order to help you sort through the mountains of blogs and articles I’m sharing some tips and resources that I have recently come across from industry colleagues that will be of interest and

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