Spell Check Your Resume

A recent survey finds a single resume typo can ruin job prospects. Oh my, how many times have I heard this statement? Too much! Did you know a massive eighty-four percent of executives recently polled by Office Team said it takes just one or two typographical errors in a resume to remove a candidate from consideration of a job; forty-seven percent said a single typo can be the deciding factor. Executives were asked ”How many typos in a resume does it take for you to decide not to consider a job candidate for a position with your company?”  The responses: 

One typo                                 47%

Two typos                               37%

Three typos                             7%

Four or more typos                 6%

Don’t know/no answer            3% 

As a leading, highly credentialed and experienced resume writer, I take pride in making my clients stand out from the competition. I have all my resumes cover letters and other documents professionally proof read. As this survey portrays, when you write and deliver a resume a lot is at stake. Don’t ruin your chances

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