The C-Suite Survey

Recently the Report on Business and Business News Network conducted a survey with 150 executives about their views on the Canadian economy and their company. It produces some interesting findings: 

Labour Shortage An outstanding 84% of Canadian Executives say it’s already hard to find talent. Western Canada is really hurting, with the service sector experiencing major staffing issues. The executives questioned felt the booming economy was the prime reason, coupled with the aging population and a continued disparity between education and skill sets required by today’s employers.

 Economy Surprisingly the executives interviewed are negative about the Canadian economy despite recent reports to the contrary. 25% see an economic decline in the next year, only 3% forecast growth. However, they have even stronger unenthusiastic views on the U.S. economy, with 75% anticipating a moderate or strong decline.

 I’m going to follow this with anticipation.

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