ACP – Association of Career Professionals

Standards for Ethical Practice

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Career management professionals work to assist in career management, choice, advancement and transition. This code applies to all career management consultants who are members of IACMP and extends to work done under organization as well as individually-based sponsorship.


All members shall:

  • Continuously improve their professional skills, competency and knowledge to provide the highest level of service to organizations and those counseled.
  • Comply with all laws, statutes and regulations affecting business practices and relations.
  • Provide full disclosure of any potential conflicts of interest in the course of their professional practice.
  • Accept responsibility to report conflicts of interest to appropriate authorities (i.e. International and/or Local Ethics Committee Members).
  • Clearly define the services to be provided, and ensure these services are within their knowledge and abilities. Consultants must recognize their boundaries of competence and provide only those services and use only those techniques for which they are qualified by training or experience.
  • Be qualified to use the assessment instruments and adhere to published administration guidelines. Consultants should not release assessment results without the individual’s permission.
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality. In circumstances where the consultant may undertake to report on general progress to the sponsoring organization, reports should not be provided without the candidate’s prior knowledge, and any request from the individual to review the report before submission and/or exclude certain information must be respected.
  • Take reasonable action to inform responsible authorities (i.e. International and/or Local Ethics Committee Members) when conditions indicate that there is a clear and imminent danger to the candidate or others. Ideally, this would be with the individual’s knowledge or permission, but if necessary, without.
  • In marketing services, advertise factually and neither claim nor imply professional services or qualifications exceeding those provided or possessed.
  • Offer no payment to employees of sponsoring organizations for referrals, or accept rebates, allowances or inappropriate gifts.
  • Understand that he/she is bound to withdraw from a consulting relationship, which is determined to be in violation of ethical standards.
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