Code of Ethics

cmilogoThis Code of Ethics underwrites the credibility of the Career Masters Institute and the professional actions of its members. It reaches for this goal by describing how members of CMI behave in dealing with the following constituencies:

  • Everyone who comes in contact with CMI, specifically:
  • Members of the careers and employment professions, including fellow members of CMI,
  • Employers who rely upon the professional services CMI members provide as they act in their areas of responsibility,
  • Members of the public, and
  • Clients, internal and external, that we serve professionally.

CMI members bind themselves to this Code of Ethics and the decisions of the CMI Ethics Committee by signing this agreement.

  1. Ethical Practices & Behaviors. CMI members will not act in ways that even suggest impropriety. CMI doesn’t attempt to provide a detailed, all-encompassing definition for impropriety. However, a CMI member would not take any action that he or she wouldn’t be comfortable seeing described accurately on the front page of the National Business Employment Weekly.
  2. Client & Employee Confidentiality. CMI members respect everyone’s confidentiality. We maintain career-based competence, honesty, and service. We will not release personal or proprietary information without the consent of its owner or owners.
  3. Information Dissemination. CMI members pledge to provide the best information possible to their clients, associates, colleagues, employers and the general public through their personal efforts in continuing professional education.
  4. Contractual Obligations. CMI members honor copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and other legally binding agreements.
  5. Public Outreach. CMI members educate the public by writing and speaking wherever and whenever they can to help others achieve rewarding careers, teams of dedicated employees, or both.
  6. Client & Employee Service. CMI members strive to give every client and employee the best possible service, treat him or her with respect, and refer those whose needs exceed the member’s professional competency to other qualified professionals.
  7. Pro-Bono Activities. CMI members provide pro-bono services to deserving clients as part of their professional activities.
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