Why Hire Us

You should only use a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) if you care about achieving the highest possible success with your resume. The designation of CPRW is the most recognized standard for excellence in resume development.

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To earn this designation, professionals must undergo rigorous study and examination and have considerable experience. To hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer means that you have the skills and above-average expertise as a resume writer at your disposal.

A CPRW is also committed to upgrading his or her skills. So it is at Elite Resumes. Our staff’s professional development includes attendance at industry conventions each year and regular contact with peers to find out the latest trends in order to help our clients. Networking is as important for us as it is for you when conducting a job search.

The Resume Revolution

There has been a revolution in resume writing since the early ’90s. These days, human resource personnel are overwhelmed with resumes. Automated screening is necessary for them to be able to cope. With the advent of scanners and E mail, it’s crucial that resumes be structured correctly, succinctly presenting key information so it can be read quickly.

If a resume is read by a human, it is first viewed for less than 30 seconds. First impressions count!

Resume preparation is an ever-changing field, and the best professionals, like those at Elite Resumes, keep current with the changing employment and hiring trends. Their objectivity and expertise enable them to identify your most significant skills and achievements, to create the most effective resume possible for you.

Professionally written resumes used to be frowned upon. Today, human resource professionals are impressed by your investment in an outside resume writer and by having a third party take an impartial look at you. This shows them your self-confidence and commitment to your career. Recruiters now encourage job seekers to have their resumes professionally prepared by someone who will objectively examine skills and attributes. A Certified Professional Resume Writer at Elite Resumes can do this for you!

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