Board Resume

  • Are you aware of the distinct differences between a corporate resume and a board resume?

  • Do you know what a Board is looking for when they are seeking new executive leaders?

  • Does your existing resume undermine your candidacy for a board appointment?

  • Is your board resume customized to the board sectors you are targeting?

Writing a corporate resume takes a lot of time and effort. Knowing how to write a concise two page board resume can be even more challenging and daunting. You’re an executive. You understand time is money. Perhaps now is the time to let a professional resume writer alleviate you of the burden of creating a board resume so you can focus on exploring the board appointments most relevant to your career and personal interests.

Your Corporate Resume is not a Board Resume

Board Resume Board of Directors resumeCorporate resumes are seductive; they use personal branding to market your unique promise of value and are filled with a plethora of quantifiable career achievements, capturing and engaging the reader in your career story all within a 2 – 3 page document.

A Board Resume is not nearly as exciting; in fact, it’s downright bland and boring but is a necessary tool when you are aspiring to become a full-time Board Director.

While a traditional executive job search resume is targeted to the hiring influencer, a board resume is targeted to the Nominating and Governance Committee in charge of the board recruitment process. The change in purpose and audience necessitates a change in resume format.

Board Directors are the “overseers”, they discuss and equate issues to shareholder value, arriving at decisions through census and collaboration. It is best to therefore start from a clean slate when writing a board resume versus trying to modify your existing corporate executive document. Unlike a corporate resume, a board resume has a different focus, is succinct and streamlined, presented at the highest strategic level, and no longer than two pages.

Boring? Yes. Easy to do? No. That is why it is always best to hire a professional who will ensure you position yourself accurately and optimally for the role of a Board Director.

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