Job Search Coaching

  • Are you getting interviews or has your job search hit a roadblock?

  • Do you have a job search plan and is it based on the job search wheel?

  • Does your ideal job search day include targeted online and in-person networking?

  • How are you conducting your job search? Are you penetrating the hidden job market?

  • Who are your target employers? Do you know how to build relationships with them?

JobsearchAn ad hoc job search can be like a minefield fraught with potential problems, lacking order and reason, creating obstacles that inhibit your ability to secure your next appointment. Job search isn’t about waiting for a job to land in your lap nor is it simply the act of reviewing and applying to posted positions on the Internet. Are you aware that popular online job boards account for less than 5% of the total job market? Yes, that figure is correct! Obviously, relying solely upon job boards as the prime search tool is an ineffective method of conducting a job hunt. Job search is about clearing the mines from the mine field and concentrating on the most productive strategies.

An effective job hunt encompasses a targeted action plan stemming from exhaustive due diligence to devise and implement an aggressive and successful employment strategy.

Elite Resumes job search coaching explores the effective use of both traditional in-person meetings and active social media engagement to push you beyond your comfort zone. Revitalize and condense your job search, creating an employer-targeted action plan while expanding your reach tapping a network of potential career influencers.

During your Elite Resumes job search coaching you will learn how to:

  • Analyze industry trends and their impact to your job search.
  • Identity and capitalize on your transferable skills.
  • Penetrate the hidden job market.
  • Launch an aggressive job search campaign.
  • Create a suite of precisely executed 30, 60 and 90 second elevator speeches (your personal infomercial) that attract attention, coaching to enunciate and deliver with confidence.
  • Utilize Internet tools to maximize your Google ranking and ignite interest in your brand value.
  • Reduce the job search cycle time from initial execution to starring in your next career role.

“Martin transformed my job search campaign and provided a multitude of useful contacts as well. Within a short time, I went from minimal interest to turning down multiple job offers.”


“Thanks to Martin I feel like I’m better prepared to tackle the tasks in front of me!”


“It was a turning point to help me see the challenge, creativity and commitment needed to successfully pursue my next career transition.”

If your job search strategy fails to magnetize your value and generate multiple offers of employment, it may be time to consider tapping the expertise of a multi-credentialed coach who has successfully helped clients uncover jobs, secure interviews and advance their career.

Are YOU ready for some coaching?

For more information regarding Elite Resumes’ Job Search Coaching Services, Contact Martin Buckland,
Certified Job Search Trainer at 905-825-0490.

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