Job Search In A Digital Age Workshop

The philosophy of “a job for life” no longer exists.

Finding that perfect job used to be simpler. You sent or dropped off a resume ~ each resume was reviewed by a real person ~ interviews were conducted by human beings.

That’s so old school.

The internet, job boards, social media, and now artificial intelligence have disrupted the HR sector and radically altered the recruitment and selection process.

Employers will Google you and review your social media profiles before making a final hiring decision, possibly even before inviting you to an interview.

Conducting an effective job search in a digital age involves understanding digital recruitment tools and trends, how your social media presence can help or hinder your quest for a new job and developing a networking plan to penetrate the hidden job market.job search cover

This is a 2-hour interactive job search workshop leading participants through the evolution of job search. Attendees will learn about the job search wheel and start the process of creating key job search tools including a job search plan, target employer list, elevator speech, and networking business card.

The role of social media including active versus static sites will be explored culminating in a self-assessment of your LinkedIn profile with advice to improve your profile strength and achieve ALL STAR status.

Participants will leave feeling prepared to launch an aggressive and strategic job search embracing social media, in-person and online networking, contingency and retained recruiters to land quicker in their ideal job.   Click here for a sneak peek at the table of contents for the workbook used to deliver this course.

Who should attend

Individuals idling in job search mode failing to secure a request for an interview or a final job offer. If the phone isn’t ringing, it’s likely either the result of an inferior resume or an inferior job search plan.

Corporations facing potential closure or staff downsizing should support the affected employees with effective job search strategies to lessen their time in career transition while optimizing the organization’s public perception as a caring and responsible company.

Associations seeking to add value for their membership, being there to support their members and enhance their skill set not only when gainfully employed but also while on an active job search.

B-school chapters supporting their alumni from graduation to retirement by partnering with a global authority in career management and job search, self-proclaimed “LinkedIn junkie”, and EMBA career coach.

“Martin tells it like it is. He gives you the straight goods on what you need to do in order to land your next dream job in a very competitive digital world. From cover letter prep, resume writing suggestions that will ensure your resume stands out and gets noticed, to LinkedIn tips and tricks to help drive recruiters to your profile page, Martin will guide you through the entire process.”

– Alex Hrnjez

“After 14 years of not needing to look for employment, a day with Martin provided the correct current kickstart to my job search journey. Martin is supportive and in short, knows his stuff. I feel inspired to start this journey and confident I have been put on the right path with some good tools now at my fingertips.
Thanks Martin, for a great day and start!”

Marnia Coco

“Martin completely changed my perspective on how to advertise my qualifications and successfully land my new rewarding job. I guess I finally appreciate how important personal branding and aggressive networking could be when looking for career advancement.

Thank you for sharing some of your experiences and for the excellent tips!”

Adriana Durca

“Martin’s candid and knowledgeable approach to “selling yourself” on paper has provided me with the tools and confidence to break through the doors of the job search market. Martin delivered a very comfortable, entertaining and detailed seminar. I leave today feeling empowered, motivated and ambitious.

Thank you.”

Ewa Probert

“Unsure at this point what I want to do for the rest of my life. Leaning towards retirement. However, after sitting with yu for a day and listening to you and your techniques, I am going to put myself out there and update my resume and LinkedIn profile, because maybe the perfect opportunity or something I can’t pass up presents itself.

Thank you, Martin, for spending your time to help encourage me to do it.”

Cindy Rawson

“Resume writing is an opportunity – this is what I have learned from Martin today. An opportunity to know oneself as you have to do self-reflection in order to actually sell yourself to potential employers.

With Martin sharing his knowledge, expertise and personal experiences, it gave me confidence and a sense of hope in this period of career transition that I am currently going through.

I am, by nature, a positive person, but having this opportunity to knowing Martin and learning from him brought my ‘can do’ attitude at a higher level.

Grateful for this opportunity and I look forward to learning more from Martin by following him on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Thank you!”

Arlina Cruz
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