Your Interview In A Digital Age Workshop

The interview process doesn’t have to be so overwhelmingly negative when you understand the strategies and tools used to screen candidates.

For a job seeker, an interview is really about showcasing YOU, your experience and unique skill set. For the employer, an interview is the opportunity to determine a candidate’s fit to the job and cultural fit with the organization. It costs money to hire and train a new employee. The higher the level within the company, the greater the risk when the wrong candidate is awarded the job.

interview coverDuring this 2 hour interactive interview workshop, participants will gain insight into:

  • When the interview process actually starts (and it’s not once you arrive).
  • Where you can learn more about the company and the interviewer.
  • What to wear.
  • How to prepare for the big day (be a parking lot attendant and office sleuth).
  • Why there are so many interview types and the purpose of each.

The workshop even covers the impact of nonverbal mistakes at a job interview, such as a weak or limpy fish handshake.  Click here to view the table of contents for the workbook used in this workshop.

You’ll dial up your interview preparation as you craft answers to common interview questions and review questions to ask the interviewer; after all, a great interview should be a two way conversation, not a one way interrogation. The workshop concludes with a post-interview check list including the importance of a handwritten thank you note.

Once you’ve taken this workshop, you’ll be able to ace the interview and get the job you want!

Who should attend

Individuals who lack confidence in winning the interview or are unfamiliar with the plethora of on-line tools available to help an interviewee prepare and polish their interview strategy and lessen anxiety on the “big day”.

Corporations willing to advance the interview skill set of the leadership team. Making a positive first impression using research, preparation and non-verbal messaging makes everyone shine brighter, not just when on an active job search but also when advancing within an organization.

Associations wanting to present their members as the most prepared candidate to give them the competitive edge, win the interview and advance their career in speciality fields and competitive markets.

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