A clear perspective and a grain of salt

Keeping a clear perspective and the old adage, “take it with a grain of salt” are very important factors when you read, Ali Hale’s, “Mental Bias – Would You Like Fries With Your Warm Fuzzy Platitudes?” found at SidSavara.com.

“We tend to accept questionable, even false statements about ourselves, if we deem them positive or flattering enough.”

“People who expect to be successful are more likely to succeed. People who expect to fail are more likely to fail. We live up to our expectations.”

There are more quotes and lots of great links available throughout this post on, The Forer Effect, subjective validation, Self-fulfilling Prophecies, Hindsight bias, Illusory correlation, The Power of Coincidence and the Law of Attraction.

A very interesting read and Ali Hale leaves us with some cautionary advice, “Be aware of the mental biases that we all have, and look out for vague language, general statements, the creation of self-fulfilling prophecies, and a reliance on coincidence.”

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