Linkedin Contact Settings – Giving and Receiving

view-my-linkedin-profileLinkedin is one of the top, online, professional networking sites. The key word here is “networking” so why would anyone establish a profile on Linkedin and set their contact settings to display:  John Smith…”is not currently open to receiving Introductions or InMail™”?

It really is amazing to see the number of people on a networking site who have chosen account settings that restrict contacts. There is a reason invitation filtering recommends “notify me of all invitations“. For most, the objective of establishing a profile on Linkedin is to enhance your online presence by openly linking in with other professionals and creating a significant network of connections to interact with. 

The success of all relationships, whether friends, family, business relationships or professional networkers, is strongly influenced by a very simple premise: giving and receiving. On Giving and Receiving, Shakti Gawain, Living Life Fully says, “Our abilities to give and receive are at the core of our capacity to create and experience true prosperity..…receiving and giving are opposite energies that are inextricably linked together in the natural flow of life, like inhaling and exhaling. If one aspect of that cycle doesn’t function, the entire cycle ceases to function and the life force cannot move freely. If you can’t inhale, you will soon have nothing to exhale, and before long your body will be unable to continue living.” This is a simple analogy but one that can easily be related to the potential demise of networking if you are solely focused on receiving and not on giving.

First impressions are extremely powerful influences so check your Linkedin account settings to be sure you are perceived as someone who is as willing to give as you are to receive.  


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