Recommended Reading in Career Transition

Taking a break and curling up with a good book is good advice for maintaining a positive, psychological outlook during a career transition. This is a time when knowledge, the resulting confidence and an optimistic outlook will be key to influencing decision makers, friends and colleagues to generate new leads and opportunities.

Take a look at the following list of great reads and plan your “time out” with a good book. The knowledge and inspiration you gain will assure you present a positive first impression, the first step in a successful career transition.

Getting Back to Work, Everything You Need to Bounce Back and Get a Job After a Layoff, written by Linda K. Rolie covers a wide variety of topics from managing emotions and stress to identifying transferable skills, networking, interview tips, salaries, resumes, cover letters, researching careers and more. The information is clear and concise and includes sample documents, inspiring quotes, discussion questions and exercises as well as an extensive list of Internet resources. The easily found tips on everything related to a career transition will have you picking this book up over and over again!

A FOOT IN THE DOOR, NETWORKING YOUR WAY INTO THE HIDDEN JOB MARKET, written by Katharine Hansen covers networking from the psychology of asking for assistance to referral cover letters and the world of Web 2.o. If you want to know the What, Why, How, Where and When of networking, this is the book to read!

never eat alone, AND OTHER SECRETS TO SUCCESS, ONE RELATIONSHIP AT A TIME, written by Keith Ferrazzi with Tahl Raz provides details on genuine relationship building using proven practical principals; Don’t keep score, “Ping” constantly and Never eat alone. Ferrazi’s expertise in connecting to the world around him and his subsequent success proves him to be an authority on the subject making this a very valuable read!

grown up digital, how the net generation is changing your world, written by Don Tapscott who gives us the bottom line on this book, “If you understand the net generation, you will understand the future.” An extensive resource of studies and surveys providing a detailed account of “Net Geners” and their influence on politics, marketing and the corporate world. “The winners in this new world will be those who understand what collaboration means, and if they listen to the new generation of talent, they might find the way.” 

FINDING MY WAY, AND HOW YOU CAN FIND YOURS, written by Ray Pons, Ambassador of Excellence, Helping organizations and people find their greatness. Ray shares his own true-life story with great honesty and practical wisdom, offering tips for how you can find your way in work or life. An inspiring read that will help you to find your greatness.


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