Spell Check – Use it!

“Don’t miss out on this rear event!”

Why does it seem like no one uses spell check? The spelling and grammatical errors found online are really astounding. Not a day passes that I don’t see at least one spelling mistake and the event notice that inspired me to write this had three spelling mistakes! No one is an exception; not the news alerts I receive or the many blog posts I read, emails or advertisements. We are all blogging and texting and emailing and typing status updates on Facebook and Linkedin and while we are doing this there seems to be one simple resource that is not being utilized; Spell Check!

When I say no one is an exception I do include myself because I too provide online content and have been advised of some minor errors, actually one was a little more serious but it wasn’t a spelling or grammatical error and might have shown where my head was at at the time. I’ll get to that. In the meantime, spell check is available on most media applications and if it isn’t available simply cut and paste your content in a word doc to check it before going public. I’ve never published a blog without clicking on the ABC, spell check. However, if you’re using Word Press you may have to try it more than once before receiving the confirmation, “no misspelled words” and only then can you be assured that it actually worked. Unfortunately improperly used words such as form instead of from, which is a common one for me, won’t be corrected by spell check so I make a point of looking for it.

We all make mistakes, which is why it surprises me that some people will ignore or appear to be offended when advised of an error. Personally, I would much prefer to be aware of any blunder I’ve made as soon as possible, resulting in fewer readers taking away a mental note of my mistake. You can be assured of my acknowledgement and appreciation if I am given the opportunity to correct a mistake.

Beyond spelling and grammatical errors there is of course the chance of an error in the information that is provided, sometimes attributable to a lost train of thought as I previously touched on. In a recent blog, Networking and Reciprocation, my appreciation for a subscriber and friend was clear when she advised me that although I was clearly recognizing Warren Buffet for his philanthropy, I accidentally typed Jimmy instead of Warren! No, I wasn’t listening to Margaritaville at the time.

Not all mistakes will be avoided but the next time you write your blog, update your Linkedin and Facebook status, tweet on Twitter or text, use spell check and avoid unnecessary spelling mistakes!      

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